EU wins Nobel Peace Prize

Source: European Union wins Nobel Peace Price The European Union was recently awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. The EU was given this award for its dedication to encouraging mutually beneficial economic and diplomatic relationships while furthering cooperation between nations. I find the use of the Nobel Peace Prizes the last few years to be very […]


Source: Russia welcomes Georgia opposition victory Secondary source: Winning Coalition in Georgia Demands Vote Recounts This wasn’t going to be my original story, but once I saw that information about Turkey voting to allow military engagements in Syria was already posted I had to come up with a backup. I chose this one as it […]

Misogyny and the Occident

Sources: Cameras, Consent, and Conservative Rapeyness and Facebook’s Misogyny Problem So. My top news “story” this week is a pair of editorials about recent events in the news regarding the following: legislation, control, violence, and rape. The first article is a discussion of a variety of symptoms of patriarchal society. The primary symptoms addressed being: “To begin […]