EU wins Nobel Peace Prize

Source: European Union wins Nobel Peace Price

The European Union was recently awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. The EU was given this award for its dedication to encouraging mutually beneficial economic and diplomatic relationships while furthering cooperation between nations.

I find the use of the Nobel Peace Prizes the last few years to be very strange. In 2009 it was given to President Obama while the United States was engaged in two major wars and during a year in which the country engaged in further military action abroad. It seemed utterly bizarre to give it to the head of one of the most internationally aggressive nations on the world stage. This year it is given to the EU. The EU, while doing many things to improve cooperation within Europe, has many member states that are increasingly xenophobic and extremist. It’s a very strange year to award the prize to the union given the problems faced within countries like France and Greece with their massive ethnic violence.

Though, to be fair, the awarding of the prize in 2010 and 2011 were for people engaged in more peaceful conduct.


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